iStream payment solutions were designed from the ground up with end user in mind. Today iStream is pleased to offer a complete payments platform with its flagship offering, the iStream Payments Platform. In 2004, iStream focused on the then newly created check imaging space with Remote Deposit Capture. As the client base grew, additional opportunities surfaced and served as a catalyst to add ACH capabilities to the iStream portfolio of payment solutions. From there with an “all-payments” focus, credit card/merchant processing entered into the mix, all alongside a perpetually expanding list of integrations.  Integrations from multiple facets of a payment transaction such as bank core processors, card processors, third-party systems, individual financial institutions and multiple POS solutions in a variety of industries.

The iStream mission is to be the preferred payments platform for clients and partners, by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and a proactive approach.  The iStream platform was designed with a bank/card agnostic architecture, which allows for any existing relationships to remain in place while leveraging the power and efficiencies delivered by the iStream suite of solutions. iStream does not believe in a one size fits all approach. iStream takes a consultative approach in closely listening to a client’s needs and pains, then presents options for overcoming these obstacles with a personalized solution designed to meet the specific needs of the perspective client.

Take a few minutes to explore some of elements that make up the iStream Payments Platform or better yet, give iStream a call to begin discussion a plan for success when it comes to enhancing your payment processing overall.

We chose to add iStream for 3 reasons: the cost was reasonable, implementation was easy and it was integrated with SchoolLeader. Paul Huff Kids. 'R' Kids of West Frisco
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