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Payment and Core Processing

Payment processing is central to the experience the core team at iStream possesses. With deep roots in financial, credit card and data processing transactions, the iStream team has the experience required to deliver success to projects large and small. Having built the iStream platform from the ground up has provided invaluable insight into what it takes to be a niche payments processor. From simple and straight forward payment transaction processing to complex, algorithm-based processing; iStream has the experience and determination to ensure the success of each client.

Stream solutions are designed to complement and enhance, rather than displace traditional core processors.

The combination of core processing capabilities coupled with the robust functionality the iStream Platform can deliver, allow organizations to stand out from the competition. No treasury, payment or integration issue is out of scope, rather consider it solved with iStream. The result is a well architected and orchestrated solution that enables organizations to reduce the complexity of transactions, expedite revenue and potentially reduce expenses in the process.