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Outstanding Value, Continuous Innovation

iStream Financial Services delivers payments and treasury management solutions that encompass all aspects of a payment transaction.

iStream is one of the pioneers in the Remote Deposit Capture (“RDC”) market.

End-to-end payment solutions for all payment types, delivering efficiencies and increasing cash flow.

The iStream Payments Platform includes capabilities and integrations that facilitate RDC, Automated Clearing House (“ACH”), credit card processing, robust sub-accounting capabilities and remittance processing, all within a bank-agnostic architecture.

This provides for seamless integration and is able to easily adapt to client and partner needs across a multitude of industries.

Purpose-built Solutions

iStream’s purpose-built solutions are tailored to solve specific customer pain points within select industry verticals, including but not limited to: financial services, property management, healthcare, education, professional services, media, insurance, and others.

Processing with iStream requires no changes to existing banking relationships and results in decreased costs and increased revenue for businesses

Bringing you the best in

Treasury Management

iStream is pleased of offer a comprehensive platform that supports multiple products, solutions and services.


Creating Seamless Collaboration


iStream has a 360-degree approach when it comes to operational aspects and delivering best-in-class service.


We’ve Got Your Back


When it comes to banking, iStream is pleased to offer a host of innovative solutions for progressive institutions.  These solutions allow an institution to grow treasury management fee income by providing creative solutions to business clients.


Your Data, Our Algorithms

Data Processing Integrations

iStream provides a variety of Data Processing Integrations with banking providers, gateways, and systems.

Built to Last


The iStream platform prides itself on being bank agnostic, requiring no disruption to current banking relationships already in place.

Quicker Payments, Larger Profits

Payment and Core Processing

Payment processing is central to the experience the core team at iStream possesses. With deep roots in financial, credit card and data processing transactions, the iStream team has the experience required to deliver success to projects large and small.

Payments Platform – iStream Evolution

The iStream Payments Platform is focused on payments, data, A/R, treasury management and reconciliation.

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ACH Processing

ACH processing from iStream Financial Services is designed to provide a low-cost and efficient option when it comes to payment processing.

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Account Validation

iStream’s ACH account validation techniques empower you to verify account details as quickly as your business requires. 

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Credit Card Processing & Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing and Merchant Services from iStream are designed to meet the payment needs of organizations both large and small.

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Payment Reconciliation

iMatch™ payment reconciliation is an extension of the iStream Remote Deposit Capture offering and facilitates the correlation of bank routing and account numbers (ABA/DDA) to a customer, helping organizations streamline the payment posting processes.

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Remittance / Lockbox Processing

RDC Advanced is the next generation of document and payment processing solutions from iStream. We know that for every payment, there is accompanying information about that transaction. RDC Advanced takes care of both of these, simplifying settlement and reconciliation, allowing you to recognize revenue faster.

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Risk Management

The iStream Risk Management Solution, iStream RMS™, is a tool to monitor trends, risk, and financial exposure by evaluating the transactions in business regions, stores and customers.

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Remote Deposit Capture 

iStream Deposit®, the Remote Deposit Capture solution from iStream, has eliminated the time consuming and antiquated process of depositing checks physically with your financial institution. Built from the ground up with the end user in mind, iStream Deposit® effectively leverages technology to save time, cost and reduce the probability of human error when it comes to making deposits into your accounts.

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Check Return / ACH Return Processing

As a FedReceipt for Returns approved organization, iStream has automated the often-cumbersome returns process. By eliminating the need for paper returns and automating resubmission, iReturn streamlines the process, speeding up time to collection. The returns process is enhanced due to features such as:

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Bank Processing

Built from the ground up to deliver best-in-class processing solutions, the iStream Payments Platform offers banks and credit unions the flexibility their customers demand in today’s complex market.

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Custom Development and File Processing

Designed to facilitate the efficient movement of data, iStream regularly processes file types that include x9.37, ACH, POD and XML among others.

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Direct Deposit

iDirect Deposit™ is the iStream solution for Financial Service Centers that enables the unbanked/underbanked to receive direct deposit payments at a secure location, such as a check cashing outlet or financial service center.

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Custom built for you, your processes, your organization.


Solutions designed to overcome the challenges businesses face when it comes to accelerating Accounts Receivable & simplifying Accounts Payable.
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iStream is able to provide credit card processing for all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express as well as offer support for mobile payments and wallet payments such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Yes, iStream can assist customers with all ACH needs from debits to credits as well as Same-Day ACH and other services.

Support is just a phone call away. Please call 888-892-1212 to be connected to a highly qualified member of the iStream Customer Care Team and they will assist you to resolution with your issue.

No, iStream is a privately held company.

iStream is located just outside of Milwaukee in Brookfield, WI. Southeastern Wisconsin is home to many Fintech companies and provides a central location from which to attract talent from and to.

iStream started in 2004 and has grown from a single check imaging solution provider to a full-service, all-payments platform. The iStream team of engineers, operations, compliance, customer service and risk management professionals have extensive experience, delivering the best-in-class service clients and customers have come to expect.