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Treasury Management

iStream is pleased to offer a comprehensive platform that supports multiple products, solutions and services.

Banking Software Development

Provides clients customized capabilities and enhancements not traditionally available from their primary core processors. Built from the ground up to handle all aspects of processing, settlement, reconciliation, monitoring and returns management.

Architected to be bank agnostic, the iStream platform is integrated into all major core processors, financial institutions throughout the United States and countless corporate systems

Deposit / Sub-Accounting Platform

Offers the capability to ingest, aggregate and disburse payments leveraging a rules-based engine. Capabilities to split payments and send to multiple endpoints. Unique, “limited-use” account structure leverages the issuance of “live” DDA accounts for compatibility throughout the US financial system. Data capture integrated into the solution allows for payment related information to be exported from the iStream platform and imported into third-party systems such as accounting, billing or other data management systems.

Risk Management Solutions

Systems are only half of the equation when it comes to processing solutions; the other half includes risk and compliance. Tool to monitor trends, risk, and financial exposure by evaluating transactions in business regions, stores, and from customers.

iStream has a team of individuals dedicated to designing risk and compliance programs that meet the needs of the regulatory guidelines while not making the overall process cumbersome for the institution or client.

Returned Check and ACH Return Processing

Online paperless return management system that automates the cumbersome returns process.

iReturn streamlines the process, speeding up time to collection and offering enhanced features such as:

  • Instant notification system
  • Dynamic image search reporting
  • Ability to print, resubmit, and view returns
  • Auto resubmit
  • Add notes on returned items
  • View original and returned images simultaneously

Custom Development and File Processing

Regularly process file types including x9.37, ACH, POD, and XML among others. Consideration given to both the financial transaction as well as other accompanying data, ensuring complete integrity throughout entire process, while offering platform scalability and flexibility.

Additionally, the ability to integrate and collaborate with third-party vendors is inherent to the architecture of the system.