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Remote Deposit Capture 

iStream Deposit®, the Remote Deposit Capture solution from iStream, has eliminated the time consuming and antiquated process of depositing checks physically with your financial institution.

Built from the ground up with the end user in mind, iStream Deposit® effectively leverages technology to save time, cost and reduce the probability of human error when it comes to making deposits into your accounts.

Bank Neutral Solution

As many organizations utilize the services of multiple financial institutions, iStream Deposit® enables cross institutional deposits. The solution is architected with flexibility in mind, effectively removing the requirement to change existing banking relationships in order to utilize the offering.

No longer does an organization have to settle for whatever Remote Deposit Capture application their financial institution offers or be forced to use several different solutions. iStream Deposit® is all that is needed, with its bank agnostic design and multi-institutional capabilities.

Online Return Management

While iStream Deposit® works to automate the deposit process, there will invariably still be returns. iStream offers a complimentary solution in iReturn that manages returns with a web-based paperless system.

iReturn eliminates the process of waiting for the paper check to be returned via postal mail and provides notification through several methods including e-mail alerts.

Automated Reconciliation System

iMatch™ is an extension of the iStream Remote Deposit Capture offering and facilitates the correlation of bank routing and account numbers (ABA/DDA) to a customer, helping organizations streamline the payment posting processes.

Quality Assurance System

iStream Deposit® incorporates a robust Quality Assurance process that validates check amounts, bank routing numbers and has logic to search for duplicate checks based on bank specified parameters.

Should any item not meet minimum thresholds as determined by this process, items are routed into queues for human inspection, validation, and correction if necessary.
This extra step ensures the highest level of integrity for the files before they are sent off for processing.

Smart Application & Deployment Model

iStream Deposit® is simple to use and install. A simple download of the client application and entering assigned credentials has you up and running. Technical compatibility is handled by the iStream iSpec tool, ensuring the system(s) you are installing on are adequately powered for peak performance.

iSpec checks system compatibility and provides you with real time results. On average, installation and user training can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Customized Data Export

Simplification of the check deposit process is the primary function of iStream Deposit®, however it also offers flexibility, enabling you to access and export data for reporting and accounting purposes.

The platform enables you to pull/ access both reports and deposit activity in customized Excel, CSV and PDF file formats.

Secure ASP Model

All information moves via 128 bit triple DES Secure Socket Layer encryption to a secure Tier I redundant data center. When a deposit has been submitted, no sensitive information resides on the user’s computer.

All information is accessible anytime, anywhere with a few keystrokes, removing the requirement at your business or bank to manage separate servers and the associated risk with software and data.

Compliant Solution

iStream complies with all FDIC security standards as well as the guidelines set for by partner financial institutions, in addition to several annual audits.

Instant Image Access

If the need arises in which an item needs to be researched, iStream Deposit® simplifies that process. A simple online query is all it takes to locate and view checks, regardless of when they were originally processed in the system.

Increased Funds Collections and Availability

The iStream Deposit® automated electronic workflow allows for later cutoffs, enabling the clearing of funds that otherwise may have been delayed using traditional deposit processes.

Instant Error Notification

The architecture and flexibility of iStream Deposit® enables your organization to manage multiple accounts from both single and remote locations to one corporate account.

This architecture eliminates the need for overnight packages, couriers or faxes of deposit slips to a central location.

Aggregate Information

The platform provides the capability to view all location information simultaneously. No more researching individual locations and then working to report them all in a consolidated manner.

All information is secured using SSL encryption and conforms to pre-determined access rights, ensuring the protection of confidential information.