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When it comes to banking, iStream is pleased to offer a host of innovative solutions for progressive institutions. These solutions allow an institution to grow treasury management fee income by providing creative solutions to business clients.

Partnering with iStream delivers value beyond just dollars and cents. A partnership with iStream brings a built-in sales force to work your leads along with an online boarding process for a seamless experience.

Additionally, working with iStream enables you to:

  • Leverage programming & payments expertise of software engineers using the latest tools and methodologies.
  • Increase Treasury Management fee income with no additional effort on your team.
  • Expand portfolio of solutions offered resulting in increased client stickiness.
  • Gain a better understanding of clients’ operations/needs. Showcase innovation with the mix of products that you are able to offer.
  • Reduce & eliminate exceptions and serve as a creative solution provider.

Banking Solution Offerings from iStream include:

  • Platform – A secure single platform solution to accept and process all payment types including ACH, Same-Day ACH, Credit/Debit Card, Check, Cash and Digital Payments. 100% API Integration.
  • Disbursement – Push payment options for disbursement of electronic checks, check Print & Mail, Real-Time virtual card issuance, and direct to Debit Card.
  • Settlement – Split Settlement. The ability to settle to multiple accounts based on clients’ unique needs.
  • Reconciliation and Reporting – Real-Time reporting for all payment types. Ease of reconciliation (single daily deposit to operating account with a companion posting file.)
  • Cash Discounting – Cash Discount (Zero Cost Processing) for payments to offset payment processing costs.