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Partnership Success

digitalSoftware plus hardware equals a winning combination

When the worldwide leader and manufacturer of check scanners, Digital Check Corp. located in Northbrook, IL, looks for software partners to drive their scanning equipment, it is a task not taken lightly. For over 35 years, Digital Check has been specializing in providing bank check scanning equipment to the banking, financial services, POS, and small business markets around the world through a network of systems integrators, resellers, and solution providers. Thomas P. Anderson, founder, chairman, president, and CEO of Digital Check said “While it is the mission of Digital Check to design and deliver the industry’s best scanning solutions, at the end of the day, those scanners are only as good as the software and software partner that drives them.” In 2006, Digital Check found one of these partners in iStream Financial Services.

iStream Financial Services’ Remote Deposit Capture offering became a reality after the passage of the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (Check 21) law went into effect in October of 2004. The iStream approach was to intentionally differentiate their offering when compared to that of bank core processors. Core processors at the time were focused on teller / branch capture with financial institutions as their primary audience. The iStream RDC offering was designed with the end-user in mind. End users for iStream include the commercial customers of financial institutions as well as business entities that were looking to bring this new method of depository technology in-house.

Fred Joachim, president of iStream Financial Solutions said “when we were evaluating scanning hardware vendors, we looked at a number of different manufacturers. However when we assessed Digital Check, we knew almost immediately we had hit the bullseye.” Digital Check was insistent that iStream physically come out and visit one of their manufacturing facilities so they could experience first-hand the approach, the quality controls and the commitment to customer service that comes with both Digital Check’s products and support. “I was immensely impressed with what I saw when I visited their manufacturing facility in California,” said Joachim. “I knew immediately that we had found the long term partner that we were seeking, one that we could grow together with and enjoy mutual success from the relationship.”

As the years have passed and product has evolved, one thing has remained consistent, the solid hardware and software partnership between Digital Check and iStream. Since the relationship was forged, over 7400 Digital Check Corp. scanners have been deployed to the iStream marketplace, all driven by iStream solutions. “iStream does an excellent job of acquiring new customers because of the superior product they provide. With attrition rates next to zero, iStream is able to deliver Digital Check Corp. a consistent pipeline of long term customers” said Anderson. “The recipe for iStream’s success is simple: deliver world-class products combined with consistent and reliable service. As both the iStream and Digital Check Corp offerings are dependent one on another, I am proud to have Digital Check be part of the iStream winning formula. “