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Better NOI

Better NOI

Property Management Companies: iStream leverages best-in-class technology and development teams to integrate for success.

BetterNOI helps multifamily owners and operators across the U.S. improve the net operating income (NOI) of their properties and portfolios, one recommendation at a time. iStream delivers payment facilities for thousands of locations across the United States using the iStream Payments Platform.              

In my and my engineering teams experience, the level of expertise, understanding the needs of our company and the immediate reactive and efficient strength of their development team is unmatched. It is by far one of the most knowledgeable and responsive teams we have ever worked with and that affords me the opportunity to expand BetterNOI’s offerings knowing that we have the support of a very capable and experienced iStream dedicated team behind us. The integration process has been smooth and our engineering team was able to integrate the payment facilities for hundreds of beta properties in a few weeks. Based on the efficient transaction process with the Beta properties we were able to accelerate the production rollout of our new rent payment platform, Rent Accept, a BetterNOI company. The platform and integration have been running efficiently and without incident since May of 2021. We project we will onboard 2500 of our properties by the 4Q of 2022

Stavros C Aloizos, Chief Technology Officer, BetterNOI

Business Challenge

Inefficient and ineffective billing and payment processes and multiple banking relationships.


  • Time savings – No more driving to the bank
  • Collect ACH, check and credit card with one system
  • Streamline accounting and payment posting – No more dual entry
  • Reduction in risk and errors