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Wind River Financial and iStream Financial Services Join Forces

Wind River Financial and iStream Financial Services Join Forces to Bring Expanded Integrated Payment Acceptance to Software Providers, B2B Companies, and Merchants

MADISON, Wis., August 28, 2020 /

The partnership creates an “easy button” for accepting ACH, Checks, and Credit Card payments through a single platform for customer convenience.

In response to the growing demand for seamless acceptance of multiple payment options online, Wind River Financial announced today that it has teamed up with iStream Financial Services. This alliance brings together over 35 years of combined expertise from two of Wisconsin’s premier payment services companies: Wind River’s credit and debit card processing experience and iStream’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) proficiency.

Using a single gateway integration, independent software providers and B2B businesses will find it much simpler to accept and process multiple payment methods through virtual terminals, hosted payment pages, and ecommerce websites. Merchants also benefit through enhanced online payment acceptance as consumers continue to flock to ecommerce shopping.

“Our partnership with iStream allows us to broaden our payment acceptance solutions,” stated Steve Staden, senior vice president of product management at Wind River. “Expanding payment options is especially important during an era when every penny counts for a business.”

“We’re so pleased to roll up the sleeves with Wind River to bring this integrated payments capability to the marketplace, said Fred Joachim, president of iStream Financial Services. “The alignment of our mutual company values, work ethic, and focus on service is reflected in this versatile payment solution,” he continued.

This new capability is available immediately for NMI gateway customers. Wind River and iStream plan to extend the integrated payments capability with other gateways in the near future. 

“The pandemic may fade but ecommerce will remain and continue to grow. It’s important for businesses to keep pace and enable all payment options through this channel,” Staden added.

About Wind River Financial
Wind River Financial is a payment processing company based in Madison, WI. Its team of experts has been working to make payment processing simple and secure for thousands of merchant clients throughout the country for over 20 years. Wind River partners with software providers, banks, credit unions and trade associations to design and customize processing integrated payments solutions for their clients and stakeholders. To learn more, visit

About iStream Financial Services
iStream Financial Services delivers fintech solutions that are bank agnostic and focus on payments, data, A/R, treasury management and reconciliation. From integration facilitation, data management and payment processing, iStream reduces the costs and overall complexity of payments for entities of all size and scope. iStream leverages a bank agnostic approach, for both the payment and disbursement sides of transactions. This allows clients to keep the institutional relationships they have in place today. The outcome of which results in cost reductions, faster payments and accelerated cash flow for clients.

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