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iStream Solutions

iStream Solution offerings include an array of offerings designed to deliver efficiencies while reducing costs. The combination of Pymntz™ Platform and bank agnostic architecture ensure compatibility with all of your existing financial relationships. iStream core solution offering include:

Remote Deposit Capture iStream Deposit®, the Remote Deposit Capture solution from iStream, eliminates the time consuming and antiquated process of depositing checks physically with a financial institution. Built from the ground up with the end user in mind, iStream Deposit® leverages technology to save time, cost and reduce the probability of human error when it comes to making deposits.

iReturn The iStream complimentary solution that manages returns with a real-time, online and paperless system. iReturn eliminates the process of waiting for the paper check to be returned via postal mail and sends a notification via e-mail, alerting to the fact that an item has been returned.

iMatch The iStream automated reconciliation system is an extension of the iStream Remote Deposit Capture offering and facilitates the correlation of bank routing and account numbers (ABA/DDA) to a customer, helping organizations streamline the payment posting processes.

RDC Advanced RDC Advanced is the next generation of document and payment processing solutions from iStream. Based on the concept of simplistic usability, RDC Advanced offers the capability to ingest both a remittance coupon/document in addition to a check item for processing.

ACH Payment Processing Payment processing facilitated by the electronic funds-transfer system run by the National Automated Clearing House Association. These payments can be received in any number of manners including web services, file based, virtual terminal, hosted payment page and via the iStream back office system (recurring or one time). ACH payments most commonly involve payroll, consumer bills, direct deposit and tax refunds/payments among other payment services.

iDirect Deposit (iDD) The iStream offering that enables consumers to receive their government or other payments electronically. Typically these consumers are classified as under/unbanked and do not have or utilize a traditional DDA account. Funds are directed to an iStream banking partner and upon arrival, the iStream platform can notify the recipient they have a payment available. The recipient can return to the location where they enrolled (check-cashing store or other money service business, not involved in payday lending) to have their check printed.

iStream RMS The iStream a tool to monitor trends, risk and financial exposure by evaluating the transactions in business regions, stores and customers. The offering was originally designed to demonstrate the monitoring of RDC payments for regulatory examinations (i.e. FFIEC). As the solution evolved, the scope of impact expanded to encompass other payment types such as ACH. iStream RMS facilitates the ability to review activity at both the summary and detail levels (velocity, duplicate returns, etc.), track customer trends and observe return activity.