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Richard (Fred) Joachim

Fred Joachim has served as President of iStream Financial Services since joining in 2004. Progressing through sales and operational roles provided Fred the critical insight and knowledge of “a day in the life” of a transaction. This experience has proved to be invaluable in Fred’s ability to direct and guide organizational growth, strategic product direction and client satisfaction that leads to virtually no attrition. This would not be possible had Fred not realized early on that the success of an organization is the culmination of the “right” group of individuals. It is the collective group that forms the team and the team that drives success.

Fred is an expert in both the issuing and acquiring markets and is continually looking for the bridge between payments and the multitude of growth industries in the market today. As virtually every industry involves payments of some sort, Fred has made it his mission to find the common thread and focuses his personal and organization efforts on the ability to help an organization simply put – “collect more revenue.”

Prior to iStream, Fred spent 25 years in the payments space in multiple roles. Early in his career, Fred was indoctrinated into National Account Sales at Xerox, moving to payroll later with ADP. Throughout his career, Fred has honed his payment knowledge skills and expertise by working for some of the biggest names in the processing and banking business such as First Data, Trans First and Fifth Third Bancorp.