ACH Processing Solutions

ACH processing from iStream Financial Services is designed to provide a low cost option when it comes to payment processing.  ACH (Automated Clearing House) is the electronic network in the United States set up to facilitate financial transactions.  All transactions that run though the ACH network conform to the rules established by NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association) and the Federal Reserve.  iStream is pleased to offer a number options and configurations for ACH to meet the unique needs of its clients.

ACH offerings from iStream include:

Integrated ACH – This option provides clients with the capability to process ACH via a software integration to their third party applications

Virtual Terminal ACH – This offering is designed to be merchant facing and can support both recurring and one time ACH.  Additional support is also available for Credit Card processing

Hosted Payment Page – Online payment page with functionality designed for parties to pay via ACH.  This option can be incorporated into existing web sites for consistent look and feel or hosted separately, depending on client specific needs

File Based ACH – For clients with larger volumes of transactions, file based ACH is the best option.  Support for multiple file formats is available as well as the capability to facilitate payment splits by leveraging the iStream Sub-accounting platform

Back Office ACH – Clients have the ability to utilize ACH processing services from iStream that are initiated from the iStream Payments Platform Back Office and can use the BOFD (Bank of first deposit) of choice

ACH Delayed Clearing / Controlled Disbursements – In cases where some financial risk may be present, iStream offers the ability for processing to be accompanied by delayed disbursement.  This can be configured according to the specific needs of the client and can be tweaked when necessary

iDD – iDirect Deposit – The iStream offering designed to accept incoming ACH payments from government, state (where available) or payroll payments then disburse them in a number of different forms (Check, ACH or pre-paid card)

Sub-Accounting / Split Settlement – The sub-accounting platform within the iStream Payments Platform is designed to facilitate ACH Payments based a client’s specific needs when it comes to initiation, acceptance and disbursement.  Additional functionality for reporting and balancing makes reconciliation easy and streamlined

ACH Receipt–Not only does iStream offer the ability for clients to initiate ACH, the ability to receive ACH payments is also available.  With several different options related to how the payment is handled and subsequently disbursed, iStream has a solution that meets the complex needs of clients

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