30% off Prime Child Care subscription cost

Prime Child Care Partnership

Backed by iStream’s robust all payments platform; Prime Child Care streamlines your back-office processes, communications, compliance reporting and financials. Prime Child Care Management System apps ensure administrators, parents, sponsors, and employees stay connected to the information and features they want anytime, on any device.

Cloud-based & Mobile Friendly Prime Child Care and it’s family of apps run on virtually any device

24-7/365 Support Enjoy unlimited training, support, updates, devices, and users at no additional cost

Reduce administrative costs by 20% Consolidate the features and apps you need into one system and maximize time and cost efficiency

Powerful back-office automation Easily set up and manage complex billing needs including split billing and third-party payments

Automate meal production Advanced meal program management (CACFP) included at no additional cost

Enjoy up to 30% off the Prime Child Care subscription cost!

We were approached by many banks to use their product but since iStream and SchoolLeader were an all-in-one solution, it was the best way to go, we saved time and money! Cory Bullock - Kiddie Academy of League City
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