lead source contest

Lead Source Contest

Lead Entry

Enter qualified lead to iStream.
  • Enter your name here.
  • What is the company name of the lead?
  • Who is the contact person for this lead?
  • Enter the lead's phone number.
  • Enter the lead's email address.
  • Enter your relationship or notes you have with this lead.


  • Leverage employees to be ambassadors of the iStream brand and the iStream Payments Platform
  • Engage & educate team members
  • Generate additional leads and potential revenue for iStream
  • Develop team spirit
  • Recognize excellence in performers

DELIVERABLES: Qualified Leads

  • Referral based
  • Successes shared with teams
  • Collaboration on varying approaches

Each lead submitted by an employee will receive an entry into a drawing for prizes. The first drawing will be held on October 9 or the first date after we reach 10 submissions.


  1. October 9
  2. October 23
  3. November 6
  4. November 20
  5. December 4
  6. December 18
  7. December 21 Grand Prize Drawing

Each period will also have a drawing for which prize is won.

Grand Prize Drawing:
The Toshiba 43-inch 4K HD Smart LED TV w/ HDR – Fire TV Edition will be won by selecting an entry from all past submissions, regardless if you have won previously. The more entries, the greater the chance of winning.

We chose to add iStream for 3 reasons: the cost was reasonable, implementation was easy and it was integrated with SchoolLeader. Paul Huff Kids. 'R' Kids of West Frisco
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